Planes of Eros

Planes of Eros turns out to be a combination of casino games and classic role-playing ones. The title offers fantasy themes and tons of adult experience. Here, you find yourself in a different world, where you will find out that you are some kind of chosen macho with a magic cock and you have to save a hopeless world.

Enjoy the universe of sex!

The opening video screensaver of the game is quite awesome. The main character, that is, you, is downloading a porn game from Nutaku. The guy starts rubbing his dick and a chick in a maid-like outfit fights with a sword with a witch on the screen of his tablet.

Your cartoon dick is a mighty thing. At least, both game whores start looking at this erected stuff through the screen. Well, the bitch maid is angry and tells you to stop jerking and immediately help her to fight.

You will taste the gameplay immediately after the maid with the sword, AKA Iris, drags you into it. It has much in common with the battle screen from a typical RPG, just like Final Fantasy. You see that the good guys are on the left, the bad guys are on the right, and you will beat each other. The central place between the participants of the battle is occupied by a large machine with slots that offers you to play between your sex adventures.

By the way, it’s a mostly BDSM game, so get ready for lots of bondage scenes.