In love

If a relationship with your sweetheart is getting boring, you definitely require some kind of diversity. The game In Love will allow lovers to brighten up their leisure, have a good time and get to know each other better. Perhaps, you think that you have thoroughly studied your partner, but anyway there might be some facts you aren’t aware of.

The game process suggests completing tasks specified in special cards. Players take turns to roll a die and draw the corresponding card according to the symbol that appears on it.

Do not be afraid that you will have to wash the floors, cook dinner or build a house.

A gentle erotic massage, an answer to an exciting question, a test for the knowledge of your partner as well as other intriguing actions will help to warm up the imagination of lovers and give them a thrill.

It is time to enjoy the victory. The prize is described in the bonus section. It can be breakfast in bed for several days, compliments or other amenities. For convenience, you can put the award card in a magnetic frame and attach it to the refrigerator so that your sweetheart does not forget anything.