Pleasure Island

It’s a thrilling erotic game where you will have a good time on an island somewhere in the ocean. You are expected to go wander through the whole island of pleasure, collecting various condoms, flowers and dodging a variety of angry, despicable opponents in the form of stinging bees, awful humpbacked freaks, ice cream carts and even a terrible scary reptile with a long snake tongue.

In the final, all points for the collected condoms and flowers are summed up.

The more flowers and condoms you collect, the more exciting the final intimate scene will be. It’s going to be an insane thing in bed.

At the very beginning of this erotic game, you will be given the opportunity to choose the gender and type of your character, as well as your partner.

You can choose a partner of the opposite sex (for heterosexuals), or one with of the same sex (for lesbians and gays, respectively). So, you are welcome to conquer the island of pleasure and have a good fuck there.