Friday 14

This story happened in one small town on Valentine’s Day. Jasmine Voorhees escaped from a psychiatric hospital. She found herself there because of her manic attraction with sperm. The girl could grab and fuck any guy that she could handle. She was driven crazy by her constant desire for sex, and Jasmine sucked out all the sperm from the victim’s dick to the last drop.

This continued until she was caught and taken to the psychiatric hospital.

However, on February 14, she worsened due to the fact that it’s the day of the anniversary of that night when the girl went crazy and now she is free again in search of a new victim. Hanging around the city, Jasmine smelled a large accumulation of sperm and headed for the library, where Brian was studying books.

The guy was a lonely nerd, so he had no one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. He was very frightened when a naked girl entered the room through the window, and then attacked his cock. However, after a while, he relaxed to enjoy the best sex in his life.