Clean Up WordPress database with only one click!

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Clean Up WordPress database with only one click!

The purpose I create this wordpress plugin is to help blog owner to clean up the unwanted tag, category and other unwanted stuffs that will cause the increase of website storage space.

First of all click on the below download button to download the free plugin then uploaded it to your wordpress blog. Then go to the Clen It Up manual page under the Settings tab.

These are the features provide by this plugin

  1. Whenever a post has been deleted from your blog, those pictures or videos link that attached to it will stay as a record in the related table and thus make those tables appear messy, this plugin will clean them up. But whatever you have uploaded to your blog will remains there.
  2. It is equally hard to manually delete the empty tag but this plugin provides the remove empty tag(s) check box.
  3. It is also equally hard to manually delete the empty category but this plugin also provides the remove empty category(s) check box. One more thing is you can remove the uncategorized category as well with this plugin!
  4. You can also remove the revision post which is no longer needed after you have updated the post.
  5. Same goes to the autodraft post which will only increase the size of your wordpress database.
  6. You can also clean up the draft post/page as well as the trash post/page.
  7. You can clean the trash comment, unapproved comment as well as the spam comment by checking the related check box.
  8. If you don’t want any website link in the post’s comment you can remove them as well (The link within the comment will still be there, only the link from the website link input box will get removed).
  9. Other features include optimize the database tables, remove rss cache and many more.
  10. You can also repair the damage database table with this plugin.

After you have checked on those items you wish to remove just click on the CLEAN button and wolla, you have just cleaned up the junks in your own database.

I am the creator of this plugin and have used this plugin for 3 years already in my own blog, this plugin is really simple to use with only one click to clean up the unwanted posts/pages in your database. If you are a wordpress developer then do feel free to explore and edit this plugin to suite your own need, this plugin is under the creative common so you can edit it and use it in any purposes that you like which includes the commercial purpose after you have modified the original file, you do not need to mention the original creator of this plugin but if you can provide a link back to this original blog post from a wordpress related forum or blog then it would be very nice, thank you very much for downloading this plugin!

Now lets download this free wonderful plugin if you have not yet do so by clicking on the button below! If you have any issue do let me know! Again you are free to edit this plugin as you wish to.

Size: 6.05kb
Version: 0.0.1
Published: September 5, 2018