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In this chapter, we will continue to develop our Forex/ Stock application by introducing another button which after it has been clicked will call a method to make an API call to retrieve the sector performance data that will then get plotted on a graph.

import json
from tkinter import *
import tkinter.ttk as tk
from alpha_vantage.foreignexchange import ForeignExchange
from alpha_vantage.techindicators import TechIndicators
from alpha_vantage.timeseries import TimeSeries
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from alpha_vantage.sectorperformance import SectorPerformances

win = Tk() # Create tk instance
win.title("Real Forex n Stock") # Add a title
win.resizable(0, 0) # Disable resizing the GUI
win.configure(background='white') # change window background color

selectorFrame = Frame(win, background="white") # create the top frame to hold base and quote currency combobox
selectorFrame.pack(anchor = "nw", pady = 2, padx=10)
currency_label = Label(selectorFrame, text = "Select base currency / quote currency / stock :", background="white")
currency_label.pack(anchor="w") # the currency pair label

curr1 = tuple() # the tuple which will be populated by base and quote currency
currency_list = ['AUD', 'BCH', 'BNB', 'BND', 'BTC', 'CAD', 'CHF', 'CNY', 'EOS', 'EUR', 'ETH', 'GBP', 'HKD', 'JPY', 'LTC', 'NZD', 'MYR', 'TRX', 'USD', 'USDT', 'XLM', 'XRP'] # major world currency pairs

# populate the combo box for both the base and quote currency
for key in currency_list:
    curr1 += (key, )

# populate the stock symbol tuple
f = open("stock.txt", "r")
curr2 = tuple()
for line in f.readlines():
    curr2 += (line.replace('\n', ''),)

# Create a combo box for base currency
base_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
based = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=base_currency)
based['values'] = curr1
based.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

# Create a combo box for quote currency
quote_currency = StringVar() # create a string variable
quote = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=quote_currency)
quote['values'] = curr1
quote.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

# Create a combo box for stock
stock_symbol = StringVar() # create a string variable
stock = tk.Combobox(selectorFrame, textvariable=stock_symbol)
stock['values'] = curr2
stock.pack(side = LEFT, padx=3)

s = StringVar() # create string variable which will be used to fill up the Forex data
# create currency frame and text widget to display the incoming forex data
currencyFrame = Frame(win)
currency = Label(currencyFrame)
text_widget = Text(currency, fg='white', background='black')
s.set("Click the find button to find out the currency exchange rate")
text_widget.insert(END, s.get())

buttonFrame = Frame(win) # create a bottom frame to hold the find button
buttonFrame.pack(side = BOTTOM, fill=X, pady = 6)

# first get the api key and secret from the file
f = open("alpha.txt", "r")
api_key = f.readline()
api_key = api_key.replace('\n', '')

def get_exchange_rate(): # this method will display the incoming forex data after the api called

        cc = ForeignExchange(key= api_key)
        from_ = based.get()
        to_ = quote.get()

        countVar = StringVar()  # use to hold the character count
        text_widget.tag_remove("search", "1.0", "end")  # cleared the hightlighted currency pair

        if(from_ != '' and to_ != '' and from_ != to_):
            data, _ = cc.get_currency_exchange_rate(from_currency=from_, to_currency=to_)
            exchange_rate = dict(json.loads(json.dumps(data)))
            count = 1
            sell_buy = str(count) + ".) Pair : " + exchange_rate['1. From_Currency Code'] + "(" + exchange_rate['2. From_Currency Name'] + ")" + " / " + exchange_rate['3. To_Currency Code']+"(" + exchange_rate['4. To_Currency Name'] + ") : "  + str(exchange_rate['5. Exchange Rate']) + '\n'
            text_widget.delete('1.0', END)  # clear all those previous text first
            text_widget.insert(INSERT, s.get())  # display forex rate in text widget
            pos =, "1.0", stopindex="end", count=countVar)
            text_widget.tag_configure("search", background="green")
            end_pos = float(pos) + float(0.7)
            text_widget.tag_add("search", pos, str(end_pos))  # highlight the background of the searched currency pair
            pos = float(pos) + 2.0

        print("An exception occurred")

def plot_stock_echange():

        stock_symbol_text = stock.get() # get the selected symbol
        if(stock_symbol_text!= ''):
            ts = TimeSeries(key=api_key, output_format='pandas')
            data, meta_data = ts.get_intraday(symbol=stock_symbol_text, interval='1min', outputsize='full')
            data['4. close'].plot()
            stock_title = 'Intraday Times Series for the ' + stock_symbol_text + ' stock (1 min)'
        print("An exception occurred")

def plot_stock_technical():

        stock_symbol_text = stock.get() # get the selected symbol
        if(stock_symbol_text!= ''):
            ti = TechIndicators(key=api_key, output_format='pandas')
            data, meta_data = ti.get_bbands(symbol=stock_symbol_text, interval='60min', time_period=60)
            stock_title = 'BBbands indicator for ' + stock_symbol_text + ' (60 min)'
        print("An exception occurred")

def plot_sector_performance():

    sp = SectorPerformances(key=api_key, output_format='pandas')
    data, meta_data = sp.get_sector()
    data['Rank A: Real-Time Performance'].plot(kind='bar')
    plt.title('Real Time Performance (%) per Sector')

action_vid = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Exchange Rate", command=get_exchange_rate) # button used to find out the exchange rate of currency pair
action_vid.pack(side=LEFT, padx=2)
action_stock_plot = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Plot Stock", command=plot_stock_echange) # button used to plot the intra-minute stock value
action_stock_plot.pack(side=LEFT, padx=2)
action_technical_plot = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Plot Technical", command=plot_stock_technical) # button used to plot the 60 minutes stock technical value
action_technical_plot.pack(side=LEFT, padx=2)
action_sector_plot = tk.Button(buttonFrame, text="Plot Sector Performance", command=plot_sector_performance) # button used to plot the sector performance graph
action_sector_plot.pack(side=LEFT, padx=2)


If you click on the sector performance button then you will see the below outcome.

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