Bitcoin is down again

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It seems like the bitcoin price has fallen again but need not to worry too much because it will bounce back again next year. The price is not falling in a very large margin this time as compare with the previous round where it had fallen in the thousands dollar margin. Lots of people still have good faith on bitcoin future and it is time for those people that want to own bitcoin to start buying it now and get ready for the next round of price hike. I personally think I will want to start owning bitcoin now and wait for it’s price to hike again in the near future before selling it and make some profits. Although bitcoin mining has increasingly became a non profitable business but bitcoin buying is not, some people that see great future in bitcoin are buying in bitcoin while other that are afraid of bitcoin crashes are selling it out but as long as the bitcoin market remains stable with the bitcoin price remains above 3000 usd per bitcoin then there is no need to worry that much. Besides that we also need to take into consideration that the value of the usd has increased in the recent year as compare to the major world currencies therefore we can’t always expect the bitcoin price vs us dollar to remain higher if the dollar becomes stronger.


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