Time well spent is very important to a person

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Today is the day for me to stop wasting any time and start to work harder than before. Starting from next week I will not waste too much time surfing online anymore but will instead concentrate more on my own online business which includes online trading, game development as well as creating music. Besides reducing the time uses in surfing websites online I will also reduce the time of watching youtube online from 5 hours per day to only an hour per day and further optimize the time I spend on youtube by watching only those videos that are related to my online business. By reducing the time of watching video online will actually also reduce the usage of internet bandwidth which can then be used in more important online activities such as downloading project files or uploading an application to the google play store.

Don’t waste time anymore, that is what I have told myself and I will do that starting from today. Time is just likes money and if you waste time you are equal to wasting money.


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