Quick guide to create a new post in wordpress 5.0

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Today when I log into my website I have seen a wordpress’s update message urging me to update the wordpress cms to it’s latest version. Since wordpress has asked me to do so then it will be very impolite not to and thus I have quickly updated the site to wordpress 5.0 as instructed by wordpress cms.

Everything looks roughly the same as before on the wordpress 5.0 dashboard site after the latest update until when I need to start a new post only then I start to realize that lots of things are changing. Well to be honest is that the entire arrangement of the wordpress post editor interface has changed! At first I am really having difficulty to navigate and search for the wordpress editor’s widgets like I used to and it takes around 15 minutes or so for me to figure it out how to create a new post with the new editor interface of the wordpress 5.0. If you are having trouble creating a new post then the first thing you need to do is don’t panic and stay cool, then read the instructions below while start your own new post.

  1. Start to type in the title of your post under the huge title box, you can’t miss that box because it is simply so huge!
  2. Under the box there is another box asking you to type in something, that is the place where you should start to type in the content of your post.
  3. You can write everything in one single block if you wish to but if you want to create another block you can as well by clicking on the plus sign which appears when you move the mouse to the bottom of the current block or you can simple hit enter on your keyboard to create another block. You can rearrange the position of that block by mouse over to the top left corner of that block and then press on the up or down arrow key.
  4. If you want to create a separate block just to insert in the html code you can as well, just move your mouse to the top of that new block which you have created recently and click on the three vertical dots icon then select edit as html to turn that entire block into an html block.
  5. After you have finished writing a post it is time to publish it, look at the right sidebar of the editor, click on the Document tab and you will find all the category, tag, excerpt and other widgets in that area for you to create a new category, add in new tags as well as writing the post’s excerpt and many more.
  6. It seems like we cannot upload video to our new post but we can upload audio as well as image just like before.  When you have clicked on the plus sign below the current block you can create a new block which you can then select to whether host an image or an audio.

I have made the search online about wordpress 5.0 and it seems like lots of people don’t like it because it’s interface has changed a lot especially the post editor interface. But you will get used to it and find out that it’s post editor is actually getting better and saves us lots of time when we are creating a new post!


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