Bitcoin price is down again but it is time for me to get started

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Bitcoin price is down again today and this is a very worrying news for most of the people that own lots of bitcoin, they must have thought that the bitcoin price will further drop to below 1800 usd for one bitcoin and maybe some of them indeed will sell out their coins to exchange for the us dollar which remains very strong at the moment.

Although I have read all the bad news about bitcoin this weekend but I don’t think bitcoin will crash and lost all it’s value. Cryptocurrency is simply too big to fall and thus there is no worry for me regarding the bitcoin price because it will come back to above 5000 bitcoins vs one usd if not sooner then perhaps later.

This weekend I will begin my move to explore bitcoin, first I will get a few online and offline cryptocurrency wallets not just for bitcoin but also for other coins as well. Recently I am getting serious about online trading business which includes forex, share and cryptocurrency. I will start up small which means to start with trading cryptocurrency first before going into stock market and forex.

I have came out with a plan which is not to buy any bitcoin at the moment but just to earn it online and then use those coins to do the small scale cryptocurrency’s trading. Earning bitcoin online is easier than mining bitcoin which requires us to spend a lot to buy the mining equipment to mine the bitcoin.

When everybody is worrying about bitcoin I will start to learn more about it and start to earn more bitcoins and keep them until the bitcoin price turns good again.

There are lots of stuffs to be learned from online currency trading so it will be fun for me to start learning about bitcoin!


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