When you search online you get paid with cryptocurrency

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I have just stumbled upon this site which will pay us with it’s own cryptocurrency whenever we use it’s search engine to do the online search. I just got paid by this site a few months ago but since then I have never visited it again until today.

There are many sites that will pay you with cryptocurrency once you have completed a certain task which that site wants you to do, for example some sites require you to just look at the advertisement on those sites for a few seconds in order to get paid with bitcoin.

This site which I have mentioned about wants us to use it’s search page to do the online search to exchange for the token’s reward. It does has a Firefox addon but I am not installing it because that will open up it’s search page every time I open a new tab on the firefox browser. That search engine page has a few search engines for us to select including google, duckduckgo and twitter, each time we have entered the search term and press the search button this search engine will lead us to the main page of the related search engines and a token will be rewarded to us. It looks like fun if we can search online and earn a token at the same time. I am still not sure yet whether we can trade the token for bitcoin or we can only spend those tokens on advertisements on it’s main page but it is great for such a site to come out with such an idea.


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