The day and night time picture’s quality of Sony DSC W830 camera

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Recently I have bought a new sony dsc w830 camera and I have taken a few photos that I would like to show them in this post. Overall speaking I am quite satisfy with the quality of the picture taken by this camera. This camera is great for a beginner to intermediate photographer like myself, although the default camera response speed is a little bit slow but we can manually adjust it’s speed if we really need to do so.

I have taken two pictures with Sony DSC W830 just with the automatic mode during the day and night time.

The first picture has been taken during the night in the area with very little light and as you can see the quality of the image is very good which we can clearly see the cat sleeping on the cardboard. When I was taking that picture my hand was a little bit shaky and the cat is also moving around a little bit but as you can see the cat inside that picture does not appear to look shaky at all.

Sony W830 Quality
Sony W830 Quality

Here is another picture taking during the day with that same sony camera.

Sony DSC W830 Photo Quality Day Time
Sony DSC W830 Photo Quality Day Time

This sony 20.1 MB camera certainly helps me to take great pictures, the above photos are taken with the automatic mode of this camera and it also seems like there is not many setting we can do with this camera, this camera is certainly a great camera for the starter as well as the intermediate photographer like me. The best part about this camera is it’s ISO range 80-3200 which is probably the best deal we can get when compared with the same category camera in the market place. I am thinking about buying another camera in the future, probably canon ixus 190 but for now I just want to keep on exploring the cool features of this sony dsc w830 camera.


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