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I am a full time software and game developer now and my part time job is selling shoes. A few years ago I had moved to this new home which is very far away from the city, the life in this new place is so calm and quiet and the air is free from pollution, we can smell the smell of fresh air everywhere everyday because there is no factory around this area.

Every night you can clearly hear the sound of the insects and frogs around your home.

Every morning I like to take a short walk at the backyard of my home, the grass is green, the tree is green and the sky is always blue.

In such a wonderful environment a person will feel so good and thus really will help me to write better code. Yes with such an environment I really feel like I can write code better than before. Besides coding I am also creating music, these environment really helps me to write happy and joyful music.

We can never imagine there is such a place on earth, it is like a jungle with lots of trees and wild animals.

We have a few cats and sometime they are really naughty…

Sometime I will do some gardening job at my home backyard or cut down some trees.

But most of the time I just write code and enjoy the sunshine.

This place is really great and with that I would like to conclude this article and get back to work!


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