Set up Eclipse Oxygen in Windows 10 for Javascript

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Welcome to the first post of the Javascript programming language tutorial and in this post we will first install the Eclipse Oxygen which will be used to write our javascript program. OK, without any further delay lets install those tools we need to write our javascript program include the Eclipse IDE which I have just mentioned above.

I am using Windows 10 but even if you have different os the installation procedure will not be that much differences after all.

First lets go to the Eclipse homepage to download the Oxygen installer, you can further read the instruction on how to download the installer on Eclipse main page. After you have downloaded the installer then you can start to install it on windows 10 os.

Next open up the installer and install the Eclipse IDE for Javascript and Web Developers.

Install Javascript IDE
Install Javascript IDE

Before we get even further you will need to install node.js as well for javascript runtime so go ahead and download node.js and install it on windows as well. Make sure to create an environment variable for the node.js path on windows 10 so Eclipse Oxygen can automatically link to the Javascript’s runtime which it needs to run the program. You can double check again to see whether Oxygen has picked up the runtime or not by goto Window->Preferences->Javascript->Runtimes, if you see this then you are connected!

node.js runtime
node.js runtime

Alright that is it! Now lets start a new project with File->New->Javascript Project

Create a new Javascript Project
Create a new Javascript Project

then create a simple javascript while loop program on the Eclipse editor to print Hello World 5 times on the Eclipse’s console. Click on the run button (the green arrow button) to run the program.

 * Print hello world a few times on the console

var i = 5;

while(i > 0) {
	console.log("Hello World");

It works!

Eclipse Console
Eclipse Console Print Out

Hope you enjoy this article!


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