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Today I am going to introduce to you another blender tool which you can use to create human character within minutes. In my previous post I am talking about using Make Human to create human character for online game and in this article we are going to look at another cool tool which we can use to make humanoid –> Manuel Bastioni. Manuel Bastioni has almost all the features offered by Make Human accept one –> It does not have GUI of it’s own and thus we will need to import this plugin to Blender before we can use it.

If you are using Blender to create your gaming character then I will suggest you to directly using Manuel Bastioni instead of Make Human so you can save all the time you need to import your gaming character into Blender for editing. Since Manuel Bastioni is a plugin for Blender then we can create humanoid directly in Blender after we have installed this plugin.

Manuel Bastioni

Manuel Bastioni is a great plugin for Blender which I highly recommend to you after myself have used it to create the below feature.

If you want to create cloth for the character you might not be able to use it’s feature to do so at the moment but you can easily create the cloth in Blender because once the character has been created it will become just like a normal mesh object which you can then edit it as you wish!

Sound cool? Then go ahead and download the product from this link!


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